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Hello everyone! Happy Saturday!!! Last Thursday (June 20, 2019) I celebrated my graduation ceremony 👩🏻‍🎓 & it was a terrific & exceptional day. ✨ I’m glad that one of my dreams came true & I’m ready for the next steps in my life.✨👌🏻

Anyways, today I thought of reviewing one of my new favorite product of makeup, & that’s the Mikyajy Pro Contour Powder Palette.

I’ve been using this palette for almost a month now. I use it to contour my cheeks, nose, forehead, to highlight my under eyes area, to bronze my face, & even as an eyeshadow! Thus, Mikyajy offers 2 shades of this palette, which are the Dark & the Light shade which what I have. I need to mention that I really like the gold packaging of this palette, but I don’t understand the (22k) thing on the packaging! Which doesn’t bother me anyway!

Pro Contour Powder Palette - Mikyajy
Pro Contour Powder Palette – Mikyajy

The palette contains 3 different colors of powder, which are contour, bronzer & a highlight for under eyes area. Also, it comes with a small angled brush & I personally like this brush because it picks the right amount of the product & it’s soft. The palette is very pigmented as well as it blends nicely ✨

Pro Contour Powder Palette - Mikyajy
Pro Contour Powder Palette – Mikyajy

Moreover, I think this palette is handy & Comfortable to take with you anywhere since it contains (contour, bronzer & highlight powder + a brush) as well as, the palette has a perfect quality mirror, which I personally been using it when I do my eyebrows & eyeshadows.

Thus, it retailed for QAR 95 = $ 26. Which I think it’s a pretty good price for the right quality product that you can multi-use it.

Will I Rebuy it Again?

Yes for sure, it’s a high-quality product & good pigmentation. Also, I like that it contains the contour, bronzer & a highlight at one package, which makes it convenient to take it when I’m traveling.

Do I recommend purchasing it?

Absolutely, if you’re like me who prefers to carry palettes to save space/ to have different products in one package, then I’m sure you will like this palette.

I hope this was helpful for some of you who may be searching for this kind of products. Also, let me know what you think about it in the comment section, & share it with your friends!

Thank you for reading!


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