Juvia’s Place Products – First Impression

Hello everyone! I hope that you are doing well today!!! So I finally got the Juvia’s Place foundation & concealers that are very famous/trendy lately.

So since in my country, we don’t have Ulta Beauty where they sell their products, I had to order them online. To be honest, this is my very first time to order foundation & concealers online, just because it’s tough to find your skin color/tone especially when purchasing a new product for the first time. Also, because I have discoloration on my neck (it’s darker than my face/body).

Anyways, I got the order today & I was very excited to try them all! Moreover, I ordered Juvia’s Place highlights (loose highlighter & the tribe highlighter vol.3).

Juvia's Place Products - First Impression - Mila Lifestyle Blog
Juvia’s Place Products – First Impression – Mila Lifestyle Blog

Foundation – ($ 20) :

So I was really anxious while looking at the shades online & I was like comparing the colors to my foundations (eyeballing everything). Then, I saw that on their website they offer a help/guide on how you can pick the perfect shade of your skin (long short story) I tried it and I ended up getting the tone “Isla 730”.

And today when I tried it it was a little bit lighter on my skin, but it matches the rest of my body (i.e., arms), but I was annoyed that there was a vast difference between my face & neck (it’s my fault πŸ˜‚).

  • My Thoughts/Impressions:

The foundation is really full coverage, I noticed that it covered my acne/pimples & pores. Also, you don’t need too much of the product (just a little bit) because it’s super pigmented. For me, I needed to dip my beauty blender only twice to cover my entire face. The foundation doesn’t have a unique smell (just Makeup smell, I guess! Chemicals!). It’s a Matte foundation (if you are a dry skin person, you may prep your face very well!). As well as it’s a weightless foundation, you almost don’t feel it.

The only disappointment for me was the wrong shade (which was my fault anyway 🌞).

Concealers – ($ 14) :

For the concealers, I got 2 shades (No. 22 & 23), which basically what they recommended for the foundation shade Isla (which what I got). And surprisingly, both of the concealers fits me well! (Thank god πŸ™πŸ»).

  • My Thoughts/Impressions:

I was delighted with the concealers because they were the right shades for me. Also, I noticed that they were pigmented with excellent coverage as well (I would say medium to full coverage), I noticed that because I have really dark circles around my eyes so I can tell. And this concealer really did its job. You need to apply a little bit product because as I mentioned, it’s very pigmented.

Besides, I didn’t feel that it was dense & it didn’t crease under my eyes even though I thought that it was a matte concealer (I’m not sure if it’s really matte or not!).

Highlighters – ($ 14 – $ 15) :

The highlighters were amazing! I got for myself 2 kinds of their highlighters (the loose & the tribe highlighter). The loose one comes like a translucent powder package & the tribe one comes as a compact highlight. Loose highlight in the shade ( The Royalty II) & the Tribe in the shade (Vol 3).

  • My Thoughts/Impressions:

For the highlighters, I really like the loose highlight the most, which I found it more pigmented & more comfortable to apply (you don’t need to spray your brush). I think that it will be great for Glam looks.

For the tribe highlight, I felt that it’s not pigmented as the other one where you can apply it without spraying your brush. Moreover, I think its good for soft looks or for everyday looks, under the eyebrows & for the inner corner of the eyes. Thus, applying it with your finger is much better, which what I did to highlight the bridge & tip of my nose, as well as my chin.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed these makeup items even though I was disappointed by the foundation shade, but I was still able to try it no matter what! & I think I’ll order more shades of it. For the concealers, I’m happy that I found the right product that will help me hide my dark circles without putting foundation on top of it to really hide it. Moving on to the highlighters, I am in love with the loose highlight (it’s actually my first time to use one 😁) & I would use it every time I wear makeup on my cheeks because I like to be in glam all day with or without occasions.😊 And for the Tribe Vol 3, I would use it to highlight my brows bone, nose and chin because it’s excellent as well.

Do I recommend these products?

For the foundation & concealers, yes because it’s really great & affordable. However, for the foundation, it’s only a Matte formula, so if you don’t like the Matte foundations/have dry skin I don’t think that you will like it!Β Then the concealers, for that quality & price yes it’s worth your money.

Last but not least, the highlighters! I absolutely recommend it! For 2 reasons:

  1. Pigmented & good quality makeup.
  2. Affordable

Remember, you don’t need expensive makeup products to look great! For me, it’s about being smart & knowing how to shop for these products without breaking your bank account.

Thank you for reading!


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