Simple & Cute Summer Look

Hello Everyone! Hope you all doing well & enjoying your Friday!!! Today I thought of sharing with you my makeup look of the day. ✨

So I was bored, playing with my makeup & trying different looks on my eyes. I have a fear of trying new/different makeup looks on my face, “especially when it comes to bottom eyeliners” I feel that I look terrible & scary (lol)! Although I know that this is only makeup & I can wash it but still “people fear the unknown & change” So, I’m one of them. Nevertheless, today I decided to try something new & maybe I’ll create something new every day!

Simple & Cute Summer Look
Simple & Cute Summer Look – Mila Lifestyle Blog


Anyways, this is the look that I came with. It’s kind of pink/purple eyeshadow look with some pink shimmers/glitters. Also, I feel that this is the first time that I put on makeup on my face that actually appears in photos (it’s usually too light that people in real life can’t even see it lol).

Preparing the eyelids:

  1. I primed my face & eyelids with the Mac Prep + Primer.
  2. For the concealer, I used the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind & the Flormar Perfect Coverage Liquid concealer (because I felt that today using only one concealer is not enough to hide my dark circles 😊).
  3. Then I set my concealer with the wet & dry compact powder from Flormar.


  1. The first step that I did was I mixed 3 colors from the Mikyajy Glam Girl Palette (as shown in the picture). I applied it on to my crease and blending it (you don’t need to put too much on your brush because you will build it) I grow the color slowly till I reached the darkness that I was looking for. Furthermore, I took the same 3 colors & added them to my lower lash line.
  2. Then I took the lightest pink (which is the one beside the shimmery brown) and applied it on my outer lid (for transition & lighter lid color).
  3. For the middle lid, I used the shimmer color from the tartiest pro (Glam) palette mixing it with the pink shimmer from the glam girl palette by mikyajy (marked as No. 2).
  4. For the inner lid, I used the peachy shimmer color from the glam girl palette (marked as No. 2). Also, I kind of blended it on top of the middle lid shimmers to mix/have a transition between the colors.
  5. Then of course for the inner corner, I added a white shimmer color from the glam girl palette (marked as No. 3).
  6. Moving on to the eyeliner, I used the NYX cosmetics Two Timer (felt tip liner) and applied it on my upper and lower lashline. Also. I used it on my upper waterline for a bold look (I guess! I just like it).
  7. For my lower waterline, I used the Tarte fake awake (beige color) to open my eyes a little bit.
  8. After that, I applied the NYX XXL Mascara on my upper & bottom lashes.
  9. Next, I used my favorite eyebrow powder, which is the Isadora perfect brows.

For the Face:Β 

  1. I sprayed on my face the Mac Fix+ to refresh my face a little bit & to have extra primer/ moisturizer on (I already primed my face earlier with the Mac Prep & Primer).
  2. I used the Flormar Mat Touch foundation mixed with the Mikyajy Flawless Matte foundation Just to balance/match the foundation color to my neck. Also, I used the beauty blender to apply it.
  3. Next, with a big fluffy brush, I applied the Flormar compact powder all over my face, especially on the oily areas.
  4. For the contour & bronzer, I used the Mikyajy Pro Contour Powder Palette (I’ll review it one day 😁).
  5. The blush that I also used from Mikyajy cosmetics called 3D cheek,Β which I’m in love with recently!😍 So, I would put in on my cheeks, the tip of my nose (I know this is weird, but it’s kind of my signature look) & on my chin.
  6. For highlights, I used my all time go to by Flormar (powder illuminator). I put it on my cheeks(above my blush), bridge & tip of my nose, on top of my lip & on my chin.

For the Lips:

  1. I always apply a lip balm before I put on any lipstick on my lips, so I used the Labello with strawberry shine flavor.
  2. For the lipstick, I used the Mikyajy color & gloss (which I’ll also review one day 😊) in the shade (302). After applying the lipstick, I used the gloss side and just tapping a little bit of the gloss on the center of my upper & lower lips. Then with my finger, I would spread it on my entire lips.

Setting the Look:

  • Last but not least, for sure, I used my Mac Fix+ to luck my look and finish this makeup.✨

And that completes the look! I hope that I inspired some of you a little bit! And I would like to state that I shared this post just for fun, I’m not a makeup artist/guru whatsoever! I just play with makeup because makeup is fun & makes me feel better (it allows me to forget about my depression).

Thank you for reading!


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