Summer Skincare Routine 2019

Hello everyone! Its summer time!!! so I thought of sharing with you my current skincare routine for this Summer 🔥

So maybe some of you guys saw my previous skincare routine already. And it didn’t really change that much. However, recently, I’m focusing on moisturizing my skin and using sheet/cream face masks on the dry areas. Then using the peel off masks wherever there are blackheads and blemishes.

For Face:

  1. La Roche-Posay – Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily Sensitive Skin

As you guys know, I love this product & I don’t think that I’ll ever change it in the future! It really controls my acne and my face’s oils, “it is amazing.” You can check my previous skincare routine for more information about it. So this is the first product that I use in the morning to wash my face and the first step to my skincare routine all the time, which is to clean the skin and preparing it for scrubbing and exfoliating. Thus, this step is essential, so that you won’t shock your skin/face by rubbing it right away. Another advantage of this product is that it lasts for a long time like I use it everyday & it can last for months till I”ll have to buy a new one. Awesome!

2. VLCC Natural Sciences – Pineapple & Papaya Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

The second step is scrubbing, and this product is new, I used to use a face scrub from another brand, but I can’t find it anymore in supermarkets. Anyways, this new face scrub works fine it’s a pineapple & papaya flavor which is so beautiful and aromatic (at less for me 😁). So, I scrub my face during the shower time or before going to bed (after taking off my makeup after wearing it for a long time). I normally do it twice or 3 times a week. I know it’s a lot of scrubbing, but I can’t help, I love the feeling after scrubbing my face, it feels smooth, and like the babyface/skin  ❤.

3. Neutrogena – Hydro & Purifying Boost face masks

So for face masks, I used to only use the peel off masks to control my blackheads on my nose after scrubbing. And recently I started to use the sheet/cream face masks from Neutrogena, which I really enjoy. It’s really relaxing and moisturizing for the skin “it brings life to my face.” I use it once a week at night before going to bed. And honestly, it helps to reduce the dryness on my face. As well as, it doesn’t cause allergy or burn my skin, which I know that some people have issues with this kind of face masks (not necessarily with this brand).


After removing the mask sheet from my face, I would massage the unused product to my face, so it soaks it up. Now I know some people don’t wash their face after applying a face mask, but for me, I have to “I don’t know why”! Then I would grab the face toner “ABSOLUTE BEAUTY LOTION,” It says lotion but its actually a toner. So, I would put it on cotton, and I would wipe my face and neck area with it and let it dry a little bit (keep it away from the eye area). It is very refreshing and also doesn’t burn like other toners.


After applying the toner on my face and neck area, I would take another piece of cotton and add the milk product, which is a cream for face and spread it all over my face and neck area (keep it away from the eye area). Thus, I would focus on those dry areas. After that, I would leave it to dry a little bit then I would go sleep!!

For Day Time:

6. Flormar Advice – Purely Moisturizing Day Cream

For the day time with or without makeup, I would differently want “extra moisturizing” because summer here in my country (Qatar) is sweltering!!! The hot temperatures could reach 50-degree Celcius  🔥🔥🔥 So for me to avoid or control my dryness skin and protect my face from getting a sunburn I would use the Flormar Advice which I got from Turkey. It’s a great product, and I love it, it has an SPF 15, very smooth on the skin, doesn’t burn/irritate my skin, and it smells pleasant and refreshing. Furthermore, I would apply it in the morning after washing my face with the first product on this list.

7. Dr. Drena Dermo – Argan Oil Hand & Face Cream

This is another excellent face product that I got from Turkey, which is also can be used as a hand cream. It contains Argan oil, which is unique and has many advantages/benefits to the skin (even for hair). However, I’m not sure if it has any SPF + it’s written in Turkey! Anyways, I alternate between this product & the Flormar advice cream. Thus, this product is smooth and has a pleasant smell (like honey/vanilla) can’t really say what the scent is exactly.

For Lips:

8. Vaseline

Off course, we can’t forget the lips with this hot weather!!! So when I’m at home, I would apply Vaseline on my lips (and even on the dry skin areas) and to be honest, you can forget all the face creams/moisturizers and only use Vaseline. This product is fantastic, you can use it on your feet, hands, face, and lips!

9. Labello Strawberry Shine

So I use this product when I would go out/ just during the day time when I’m not wearing any lipstick to get a soft light red/pink color (kind of natural look). Also, before I Apply a lipstick, I would use this to get that extra smooth and healthy lips. This tip actually helps my lips to not get dry because we all know that some lipsticks especially liquid and matte lipsticks drys our mouths, So this is an excellent way to avoid that or at least minimize it.


I hope that this was helpful and that you guys learned something!

Thank you for reading!


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