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Hello everyone! its been a long time since I uploaded a blog post. I had too many things to do with college (projects and finals), thank god I’m already done with it 😁 and just waiting for my graduation ceremony next month ✨! Anyways, today I thought of sharing with you some of the drawings/mandalas that I made during the vacation so far!

So I’m recently so obsessed with an App called “Amaziograph” its a drawing app on iPad and I think on tablets as well, you can draw anything you want symmetrically and I personally use this app to draw mandalas just for fun.

As you can see below, I added the top 6 mandalas that I drew with the app 😁 in addition to the ones that shown in the featured image of this post.

My top 6 mandala drawings!

Note: Please don’t hate because I’m not an artist and I just do it for fun. Also, I decided to share it with you guys just because I ran out of content ideas and I honestly miss writing blog posts πŸ’•.

Moreover, I got an idea to add new category/es for my blog such as (Apps) category where I share with you the app(s) that I’m currently obsessed with/using it/ that are amazing and useful to use!

Note: If you like this idea and would like to support it, please let me know in the comment section below and/ by liking this post πŸ‘!

Last but not least, I want to add that “Happy Mother’s Day” for all those great moms around the world πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ!

Thank you for reading!

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