Hello everyone, today’s post is about ISADORA’s eyebrows kit. I personally get stressed whenever I want to fill in my eyebrows when I’m in a hurry/late!

There are lots of eyebrows products in the market from tons of makeup brands. And it really doesn’t matter which one/from which brand you use and whither it was liquid/gel/pencil/compact powder as long as you are using it right and feel comfortable.

The ISADORA eyebrows compact powder comes with 2 shades (one is light and the other is darker) as well as a little duo brush (which I lost lol). This eyebrows product is very easy to use, comfortable to take with you anywhere and affordable!

For using this product more than a year, I can say that is very easy to fill in your brows. You just brush your eyebrows then take few of the product and start filling in your eyebrows! Also, you can use it wet by spraying the brush with fix plus/any sitting spray it works very well. However, I personally prefer it dry because it’s a really good pigmented product ✨

Also, the product stays in your face for a long time and it doesn’t move/melt 👍🏻

Another advantage of this product is that it lasts for a good period of time, yes it’s small but it contains a lot of product 👍🏻.

Have you tried it before?

Thank you for reading!

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