5 Minutes Makeup Look!

I hope that you guys have a wonderful day! Today I thought of sharing with you my current 5 minutes Makeup 💄

To be honest I don’t really wear makeup everyday. I just put on my face a moisturizer and lip balm followed by a nude lipstick. Then I would brush my eyebrows ✨

But when I put makeup I would start for sure with primer and I use MAC PRIMER  which I love.

Secondly, sometimes I would apply a moisturizer and let it dry or I would use the Urban Decay face spray and let it dry.

Once itdry I would go and apply my concealer under my eyes area, bridge of my nose, sides of my nose, and under the contours line. And blending it ✨

Now it’s time for foundation, for everyday Makeup I use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation I apply it with the beauty blender. 

Tips: make sure that you use enough foundation for you face (not too little &/not too much) as well as ensure that you apply it evenly. Also, whenever you apply a foundation never drag it from the sides or up and down (that’s wrong and it won’t make it even and last for long time) instead of that, just push it (bounce).


It’s time for powder, I prefer using the compact powder instead of baking (translucent powder) because I don’t really need to bake my face and it’s less messy 💋

Then I would apply my bronzer from MAC COSMETICS, little bit of blusher and off course a highlight in my cheeks, bridge of my nose(!), my chin and on my upper lip  👌

For the eyeshadow, I would take either my bronzer or my blusher and apply it with my finger on my lid.

For the eyebrows, I use the ISADORA Perfect Brow Kit to fill my eyebrows. Right after that, I would apply a lip balm before a lipstick (I just got this habit recently I don’t know why!) 😁

Last but not least, I would grab my Fix+ setting spray and I’m done ✅

I know this looks a lot, but believe me it’s just 5 minutes or less 🌹

Thank you for reading!

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