Johnson’s Face Care – Makeup Remover Wipes

Today I thought that I would share with you my makeup remover wipes from Johnson’s.

I’ve tried many makeup removers before, however most of them my skin got allergic and sensitive anytime I use them. I’ve been using this Johnson’s face care for almost a year now and I’ve never got allergies.

I use the one for dry skin because most of the time I have a dry skin and just a little oily skin in my nose area. This product contains minerals that benefit your skin and moisturizing it. They were honest when they said that it helps to remove even the waterproof mascara, which before it was a problem for me as a person who prefers to wear waterproof mascaras.

After wiping your makeup with Johnson’s wipes you don’t really need to wash it with face wash and water. However, I always wash my face with face wash and water after using the wipes, just for extra clean. Also, I like the smell of the wipes, it reminds me of baby products smell 😅.

Tips for face skin care:

Even though you found your best makeup remover, don’t just depend on it for cleaning/washing your face from makeup, it’s not enough for your skin. The best steps to take to get a nice face skin is to wash it with a cleanser/face wash, rinse it with water, and do some face scrub (you don’t have to do it every time, once to twice a week is enough) to deep clean your face skin, then you may put a face mask 👍🏻 to moisturize your face skin and giving it some minerals to prevent it from dryness.

And by the time believe me you may get a clear skin that doesn’t have black heads, acne’s, etc.

Always take care of yourself “Love yourself.”💕

Thank you for reading!

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