Half Face Halloween 👻 Makeup

Hello everyone! How’s life!

Today after I came back from my college I was a little bit bored, tired and did not know what to do really (sure not studying 😪) 😂

So, I decided to put on makeup hoping that maybe I’ll feel better, but then I thought it’s already October ✨ so how about trying to create simple Halloween makeup! 🤓

Therefore, I just went and grab all my makeup, brushes and used my imagination. I always wanted to look/have a skeleton mask or makeup look 💀.

So, I decided to do a half face of soft makeup and the other half would be something like a skeleton 😁. In the beginning, I was worried and nervous about the skeleton side because I’m not good at drawing at all 🙄. But it’s ok 👍🏻 I made it, makeup is just for fun and it’s not permanent 💕

And don’t let me tell you how much I love playing with my photos 😍 I like to add weird filters ✨ like this two below 💕

Thank you for reading!1537019347714-2


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