Vice Cosmetics – Value Set Liquid Lipsticks Review

Hello everyone, today I thought of reviewing the Vice Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks “Value Set” and let you guys know about this brand.

So, it’s a Filipino makeup brand, founded by the famous Filipino celebrity called Vice Ganda.

Creators in this brand believes that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful, no matter their color and gender.

Which basically what they say on the bag (Ganda means Beautiful in Filipino) “Ganda for All”, “Beauty for All”. 😁

They come in a pink bag, hot pink package, and the lipsticks tubes come with hot pink covers, which is beautiful and I liked it, its soo girly!

Vice Lipsticks

Moving on, in this package they offer 8 shades of their liquid lipsticks. From the left they are:

  1. Pony
  2. Benjamin
  3. Whoops Kiri
  4. Girly
  5. Unicorn
  6. Phenom
  7. Star
  8. Showtime

What I really like about this lipsticks is the formula and its texture its soo pigmented. It never dried my lips, easy to apply and it doesn’t create a mess like some other liquid lipsticks, you will barely feel that there’s something on your lips. I believe that this package is very useful, especially that it offers 8 shades of lipsticks, which I guess will help you and save you some money to not buy any other lipsticks because as it says “Value Set” it has nude color, different shades of pink, red and even purple. Also, it stays in your lips for a good couple of hours. However, for me, I believe that there’s no lipstick that stays on my lips after eating food. it always disappears πŸ˜…! Does this happen to someone else?Β  let me know in the comments section! ☺️

Have you heard before about this brand? Have you tried it before? ☺️

Thank you for reading!

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