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Hello everyone, It been almost two weeks since I posted a post. It was before I traveled to Istanbul for a short vacation with my family. I went to many wonderful places in Istanbul and outside Istanbul as well. And of course, I did a lot of shopping as well.

Today I thought to share with you what I’ve got from Flormar – which is an Italian brand. I honestly never tried it before or saw it in my country. Therefore, I thought it will be exciting to try it. Also, I noticed that their products are affordable to purchase compared to other famous brands.


Flormar Anti-blemish Makeup Primer – Oil-Free

The makeup artist gave me this primer even though I wasn’t planning on getting one and he told me that it will be really good for your skin since you have an oily skin. I honestly did not try it yet, but he applied it on my hand and I felt like its soft, light and blends really well and doesn’t dry soo quickly like other primers.


Flormar Mat Touch Foundation

They have different shades and types of foundations and I got the shade number M306 Pastelle. I haven’t tried it yet as well, but soon I will and post a review of it. overall, I was searching for a new foundation to try it and I wanted it to be mat finish. and I got this foundation, Its soft, not heavy at all, but it doesn’t have a unique smell.


Flormar Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer

Flormar also have different types of concealers, they have a stick, cream, and liquid concealer like the one I got. I got the shade 10 Fair. It blended well in my hand, its soft and light.


Flormar Wet&Dry Compact Powder

Also, I bought their compact powder, I personally prefer to use compact powder than the loose powder/to bake my face. Compact powder works well for me and it controls my oily face. I got the shade W05 Medium Caramel. It has a wavy pattern and it comes with a sponge, which is easy to carry it around with you.


Flormar Baked Blush-On

I think this is the darkest shade of blush that I’ve ever owned, it looks like a bronzer/& contour, but the makeup artist said that its a natural shade, which I didn’t understand. I bought it anyway because why not try new things! So, I got the shade 48 Pure Peach.


Flormar Powder Illuminator – Highlighter

Honestly, I needed a highlighter more than anything else because I only have a big highlighter palette than I can’t take with me anywhere. So, I bought this highlighter which is in shade 03 Bronze Star. And I really hope to work well.


Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick

I loved this lipstick a lot, I tried it and oh my god, it doesn’t dry your lips, it doesn’t feel anything, it doesn’t move or missed up, and it stays for a good time. I really liked this product and the color fits me well. The shade I got is the 09 Nasty Coral.


Flormar Advice Purely Moist

I got this product at the counter disk, its a day moisturizer and it has an SPF of 15 which I think makes it a good sunscreen. I used it once, It really made my face much smoother and moisturized, but for sure using it only once it’s not enough to judge it.


Flormar Top Coat

I just bought it because I run out of it lol! and it was cheap. However, the quality is really good, I’ve been wearing it for 5 days now and it still there in my nails.


Flormar’s Gift

So, when I went shopping at Flormar, they had an offer of “buy 100 TL and get a gift”. And I got 2 gifts one for me and the other one for my sister (we were shopping together). I got a bag that has a nail enamel, Mono Eye Shadow, and a red lipstick.

Thank you for reading!

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