Philippine Trip – Masungi Georeserve

One of my best places that I visited in the Philippines is the Masungi Georeseve. It’s the first conservation project in the Philippines.

It was an amazing day, where we left home very early to avoid Manila’s traffic and to get there on time. We reached there around 5:30 AM. It was really cold up there and omg I forgot to bring my jacket lol!

Anyways, we were starving and need breakfast, unfortunately, restaurants weren’t open yet. Minutes later, and while we were taking pictures we saw a guy on a motorcycle that sells “Taho” which is a Filipino snack that made of fresh soft tofu, syrup, and sago pearl. It was really delicious and comforting sweet.


After snacking, which is the only food we ate before hiking! We walked to the entrance and they gave us a short orientation on the rules, plan, and who will be our tour guide. We also wore helmets to protect our heads and raincoats. And thankfully someone in the group brought gloves which were really helpful when it comes to climbing the ropes.


After getting ready and understanding the tour guide’s instructions we started the tour, beginning of walking through the forest, caves, then tiny caves lol, to climbing ropes and sometimes stairs which I hate the most.

It was really tough but exciting at the same time. Strangely enough is that whenever we reach the top the rain gets heavier, but even though when we want to go down the rain eased it still dangerous and scary to walk on to those rocks/stairs because the ground is slippery 😫.

Moreover, every time I reached the top I feel that I’m stronger, happier, lighter, and powerful. It motivates me a lot to do more, which I think it’s the most important thing about traveling, to learn about new things whether about yourself or the culture you are visiting.


Overall, we completed the entire tour for around 4 hours 🤔! Which is WoW lol! We could barely walk to the car after all that 🤣 we immediately went to have lunch at one of the restaurants on the way. Then the next day morning omg I swear I tried to get up from the bed and I couldn’t feel &/ move my legs 🤣 I even asked my mom to help me lol!

I really suggest to visit this park, it helps a lot to get rid of stress and calms you down.

Thank you for reading!

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