Philippine Trip – Bataan

I traveled to the Philippines with my family and family friends. It’s an amazing country to visit and live a lot of adventures, to be honest. And because Philippine is a very big country with more than 7,000 islands we just went to some cities including Manila, Baguio, Tagaytay, Mount Masungi, Bataan.

So, we arrived at Clark airport which is located on Luzon island in the Philipines. We stayed at Mount Tarak Resort. It was fine to stay there for a few days, they also have an awesome pool and good food menu.


In that island, we went to Mariveles which what they call the 1st class Municipality in the Province of Bataan.

Port of Mariveles

We visited the local market in Mariveles where they sell fishes, meats, vegetable, fruits, and many other merchandises. we attended a birthday party for some family friends. and it was such a wonderful rainy night.

Fish Farm

Next, we visited the famous National Shrine in Luzon island which was the Mount Samat National Shrine.

Shrine of Valor

That’s the 302 ft Shrine of valor (the huge memorial cross), “The mount Samat National Shrine was erected as a fitting memorial to the heroic struggle and sacrifices of those soldiers who fought and died in that historic bastion of freedom.” (Wikipedia).

We also visited the zoo in Bataan that called Zoobic Safari. it was a really amazing experience. It was the first time for me to be really near to the Tigers. They let us ride a bus (not sure what they really call it) it was safe to have a ride and be near to the Tigers. Unfortunately, I’m not able to upload videos and I don’t really have photos. but this 2 photos below.IMG-3114


This is all about the trip we had in Bataan. I know that there are many other beautiful places that we haven’t visited yet. hopefully, in the future, we will visit the Philippines again.

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