Fall Lipsticks Collection – 2018

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you but I love fall season and lipsticks so much, more than anything else 😍! And in this post, I will share with you my lipstick collection for fall and my all time favorite ones.

I personally like nudes and warm colors more than those colorful lipsticks, which makes me feel comfortable. Also, they can fit well in any eye look/ makeup looks you create.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I love the ABH’s lipsticks and the most shade I use in fall is the “Bordeaux lip gloss” it has a beautiful dark vampy color and has a vanilla smell.

Isadora Lip Desire – Sculpting Lipstick

This is one of my favorite drugstore brands which I like to purchase their lipsticks mostly because I think they have good quality and good price. So, the 2 shades that I included in this collection are: “56 ROSEWOOD” which I ware it most of the time, and the shade “68 RUM RAISIN” and to be honest this shade is too dark for me but I love it and I don’t care! 😁

MAC Matte Lipstick

I’ve always loved MAC Cosmetics products especially their foundations and concealers for that full coverage base. However, I don’t really purchase from them much of their lipsticks. But one of the lipsticks that I own from MAC is a matte lipstick in shade “PERSISTENCE AC6” I love that dark warm brown color and its formula is amazing. I say amazing because, in my experience with matte lipsticks in general, it’s very hard to find a matte lipstick that doesn’t dry my lips.

AVON – Split Lipstick

Someone gave me this lipstick as a gift from the Philipines. I remember the first time I saw it I was amazed and shocked because I’ve never owned a lipstick with 2 colors. I loved the formula and the color of this lipstick a lot and its perfect for both Summer and Fall. I got the shade “SNS 002 RICH REDS” one side is light and the other is dark.


HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

I was obsessed with Huda Beauty’s lipsticks last winter because of their colors and formula. However, this year I don’t use them much like I used to. But the shades that I have are “MUSE” & “VIXEN” they are beautiful and good for fall and winter season. But not sure if they still sell it or not!

Flormar Liquid Lipstick

I think I reviewed this product and talked about it before. I love the shade no.”09″ it’s a warm pink color. It looks really nice on me and I’m obsessed so much with this lipstick and I can wear it every day for college with/without a full makeup (my current bff lol! ).

Dorall Collection Matte Lipstick

I believe this is the weirdest brand product I’ve ever owned in my life andΒ  I don’t even remember from where I got it. I search for their website but I couldn’t find and they only sell perfumes! It’s a Belgium based company/brand. And their lipstick is amazing I have one with shade dark brown similar to Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in shade “Black Cherry”. It’s weird that I only wear this shades when I’m sad/emotional lol.

Vice Cosmetics Lipsticks

I reviewed these lipsticks before in my blog. In Fall I like to use mostly the dark shades of the collection and in Summer and Spring, I would wear the lighter ones.

Tarteist Lip Paint

I also reviewed one shade of this liquid lipstick and how much I like them. I have to shades of these lipsticks with its lip liners in shade “Bestie” & “Frenemy“.

Max Factor Lipsticks

I like this drugstore brand as well, and to be honest it was the first brand that I’ve ever purchased makeup from back when I first started putting makeup. Anyways, from their lipsticks, I got 4 different shades that are beautiful and nice to use during the fall season and even in winter. The shades are “ROSEWOOD 833”, “STARDUST PINK 615”, “MULBERRY 685” and “FIREFLY 755”. I would say that the formula is good and they can be used for an everyday look.

Fall Lipsticks Collection – 2018

My Top 3 Favorites

  1. AVON Split Lipstick “SNS 002 RICH REDS”
  2. Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick “09”
  3. Isadora Lip Desire Lipstick “56 ROSEWOOD”

Thank you for reading!1537019347714-2


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